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4 Benefits of Shutter Maintenance Service

In addition to selling hurricane shutters, we also offer maintenance services to help protect your investment. That way, you’re not stuck paying exorbitant costs to repair or replace what you own. Instead, you can continue to have them maintained by us as a way to keep them looking and feeling brand new yearly. To better […]

What Makes a Retractable Canopy Desirable?

Provide you, your family, and guests with additional outdoor protection today. In addition to hurricane shutters, Palm Coast Shutters sells retractable canopies for your outdoor structures. If you want to spend more time outside but safe from the elements, it’s a consideration for you to make for your property. Many benefits come with owning a […]

5 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Buy Your Next Gate from Palm Coast Shutters

5 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Buy Your Next Gate from Palm Coast Shutters We’re not just shutter experts!   We’re not just experts on shutters because we sell ornamental products, too. One of our most popular custom products is our gates. They create a sense of safety and security year-round while adding style and […]

Hurricane Preparedness And You: 5 Ways To Get Ready For A Tropical Storm

Hurricane Preparedness and You: 5 Ways to Get Ready for a Tropical Storm Plan in advance and have less to worry about once the weather arrives.   If you live in an area of the country prone to hurricanes, you know the importance of preparing in advance for a tropical storm. Doing so helps you […]

5 Easy Ways to Upgrade the Look of Your Home

Give your home an instant facelift in no time at all. You don’t need to do a complete remodel of your home to make it look better. In fact, there are many ways to instantly upgrade your residence without adding a lot of cost to the project. Below, you will find five easy ways to […]

Retired Atlantic Hurricane Names

These strong storms made history and took their names with them in the process. Have you ever wondered how hurricanes are named? What makes meteorologists use a name again? When does a name go into retirement? Does it need to be used several times before that happens? These are the questions that might be going […]

The 5 Most Destructive Hurricanes of All Time

Catastrophic doesn’t even begin to describe some of the most damaging storms on record. These destructive hurricanes cleave a path that stretches far and wide and leaves billions of dollars in damages to homes and businesses of all sizes. The amount of loss a natural disaster causes can take many years to clean up and […]

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