Hurricane Preparedness And You: 5 Ways To Get Ready For A Tropical Storm

Hurricane Preparedness and You: 5 Ways to Get Ready for a Tropical Storm Plan in advance and have less to worry about once the weather arrives.   If you live in an area of the country prone to hurricanes, you know the importance of preparing in advance for a tropical storm. Doing so helps you […]

5 Easy Ways to Upgrade the Look of Your Home

Give your home an instant facelift in no time at all. You don’t need to do a complete remodel of your home to make it look better. In fact, there are many ways to instantly upgrade your residence without adding a lot of cost to the project. Below, you will find five easy ways to […]

5 Hurricane Preparedness Tips for You to Do Today

Being prepared saves you time, money, and heartache stemming from destruction and loss. If you live in Florida, you know not to take hurricane preparedness lightly. Volatile weather threatens your safety and that of your home on a regular basis. Having a plan in place that allows you and your family to evacuate quickly and […]

Who Names Hurricanes?

Learn more about the organization responsible for hurricane names such as Harvey and Katrina. Have you ever wondered who names hurricanes? To get a better idea about the process, it’s important to look into the organization responsible for naming storms. That way, you gain a better understanding of why they’re named the way that they […]

Retired Atlantic Hurricane Names

These strong storms made history and took their names with them in the process. Have you ever wondered how hurricanes are named? What makes meteorologists use a name again? When does a name go into retirement? Does it need to be used several times before that happens? These are the questions that might be going […]

The Difference Between Board, Batten, and Louvered Shutter Styles

Make an informed purchasing decision by knowing what stands out in all three styles. Among the most popular shutter styles today are board, batten, and louvered. If you’ve never considered the differences between the three, you’ve got a job ahead of you. Rather than waste valuable time researching shutter styles on your own, we’ve taken […]

The 5 Most Destructive Hurricanes of All Time

Catastrophic doesn’t even begin to describe some of the most damaging storms on record. These destructive hurricanes cleave a path that stretches far and wide and leaves billions of dollars in damages to homes and businesses of all sizes. The amount of loss a natural disaster causes can take many years to clean up and […]

How to Choose the Right Hurricane Shutters for Your Home

Among the many details of a home to consider, hurricane shutters can be as beautiful as they are functional depending on the style that you pick out. While not every option adds curb appeal to a property, the best shutters are those which combine style with functionality. Keeping the resale value of your home high, […]

The Importance of Hurricane Shutters

hurricane shutters

When news crews swing into storm coverage mode, they often broadcast images of residents scrambling to board up their windows. What the cameras don’t always catch are the many residents who quickly deploy their hurricane shutters in a matter of minutes. The destructive power of high winds is remarkable. As residents of hurricane-prone areas understand, […]

Hurricane Shutters: Protect Your Home & Reduce Insurance Costs

hurricane shutters reduce insurance costs

For many homeowners, the installation of code-approved hurricane shutters simultaneously delivers superior storm protection, peace-of-mind and reduced insurance premiums. Without hurricane shutters, you may be stressing more than you need to, and you may be wasting money on excessive insurance premiums. Although you can’t hermetically seal your home against every hurricane threat, you can protect […]

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