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Roll Up Shutters


  • Code approved hurricane protection
  • Meets Class A insurance requirements for lowered premiums
  • Roll up shutters offer code approved storm protection at the ease of a button or easy manual operation
  • Easy operation from inside or outside of home
  • Great for 2nd story or higher openings
  • Can be used for black out shading
  • Electric or manual operation
  • Provides excellent security
  • Privacy control
  • Improved insulation from heat and cold
  • Available in White, Ivory, Beige and Bronze
  • All hardware included

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Palm Coast Roll Up Shutters are designed to protect your home from hurricane force wind and wind-borne debris. Our roll up shutters are designed for balconies, sliding glass doors, windows and doors. They're great for 2nd story openings and can even be used for black out shading!

Roll up shutters offer code approved storm protection at the ease of a button or easy manual operation. They're available in white, ivory, beige and bronze and all hardware is included, free!

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How to Measure & Install


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*Note: Provide the size of the opening you want protected. We will make whatever allowances are necessary to determine the size of the actual shutter.

  1. Measure the opening width and height.
  2. Add 8” to width for shutter tracks.
  3. Add 8” to height for housing box above opening (size of box determined by size of height, for openings above 144” a 9” or 10” box may be required).



We suggest, if you have a masonry house, Tapcon fasteners be used. The #14, x 2.75" will do the job.
Tip: A good hammer drill will be indispensable.

If you have frame construction, we suggest you use #14, 2-1/2" stainless screws for mounting the shutter. The hood and end caps are assembled using #64 aluminum pop rivets.
Tip: A 12-14 volt battery drill will be indispensable.


The installation of your roll shutter is critical to overall operation and your satisfaction. We ordinarily would tackle the hardest part of the project first; but since this is your first shutter installation, let's choose the easy one to learn.

Open the package for the shutter you want to install and review the contents. One pack will have the hood, end caps and roll tube. The next pack will contain the slats all rolled up. The third pack will have the side tracks and other miscellaneous items attached to it.

Assemble the hood and drive tube following the instructions provided.


Thank you for considering Palm Coast Shutters for your Hurricane Protection needs.
If you have any questions or comments, please send us a message or call us at 772-299-1955.