Hurricane Preparedness And You: 5 Ways To Get Ready For A Tropical Storm

Hurricane Preparedness and You: 5 Ways to Get Ready for a Tropical Storm

Plan in advance and have less to worry about once the weather arrives.


If you live in an area of the country prone to hurricanes, you know the importance of preparing in advance for a tropical storm. Doing so helps you to secure your home and its belongings carefully. It also allows you to take action to bring your family and pets together in the event you need to evacuate.

Putting Your Plan into Action

Having a plan in place helps you be better prepared for the unthinkable. Although, you probably have a good idea of what you need to do to be hurricane-ready, you may have not done everything in your power to execute your plan entirely. Following this simple but effective list eases your mind by giving you a starting point in the planning process.

Five ways to get ready for a tropical storm include:

  1. Investing in the best quality shutters for your windows that money can buy. Palm Coast Shutters & Aluminum Products of Vero Beach carries every type of shutter you can think of. Choosing ones that best meet your needs and budget is easy. You can select the style, size, and color that you like best and know that your home is better protected because of your purchase.
  2. Coming up with a fool-proof evacuation plan for all members of your family including pets. You’re not always together in the same place. Sometimes work and school separate you. It’s important to know what to do in those types of scenarios. Coming up with a confirmed meeting spot for everyone in the family is essential.
  3. Taking time to scan all important documents and keep them on multiple flash drives. If your home was damaged in a hurricane, it would be hard to replace the important documents you lost. Having a digital copy of paperwork and forms of identification is highly advisable.
  4. By stocking up on necessary supplies before bad weather approaches. You don’t want to go to the store and find the shelves empty. Think of the things you need in advance and buy extra of them. Use coupons to create a stockpile of your everyday essentials.

By packing bags for every family member. Make sure everyone has the things that they need most to survive away from home until it’s safe again to return. Invest in sturdy backpacks that can be carried easily despite their contents. Choose a material such as nylon that is somewhat water-resistant so you can keep things inside the bag nice and dry.