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Solar & Insect Screens

Extend The Use of Your Outside Space
With A Solar & Insect Retractable Screen From Palm Coast

 Motorized or hand-cranked screens available
 Stored in an attractive, low profile housing unit that sits above the opening
 Incredibly easy and seamless to deploy
 Provides instant protection from harmful UV rays, insects, debris, wind and rain
 Specially designed for quality, aesthetics, dependability and longevity
 Helps protect furniture and decor from damaging UV rays
 Provides additional privacy
 Significantly reduces your cooling bill
 Good for patios, porches, lanais, balconies, garages, porticos, gazebos, windows and doors
 Commercial applications include restaurants, hotels, clubhouses, marinas, and office buildings

Choose Every Aspect of Your Screen

Screen Options

Choose from a variety of premium solar screens and insect screens

Control Options

→ Remote control operation or manual hand crank operation

Housing Options

→ Color options for the low profile housing unit that stores the screen above the opening 

Screen Options

Solar 80

Solar 80 Screen Features:
Openness factor of 20% and reduces harmful UV rays by 80%
Allows for plenty of airflow and excellent outward visibility
Multiple color options (displayed below)



Desert Sand




Solar 90
Solar 95
Insect 16/14
Insect 17/20

Control Options

Remote Control Operation

 Powered by Somfy®, the world’s leading manufacturer of tubular motors
 An integrated radio receiver in the motor eliminates complex wiring between the motor and the control, allowing you control of your screen either through a hand-held remote or via a wall switch
 Remote operated motors are available with or without manual override. Manual override allows for operation of your screen in the event of a power outage.
 Motorized screens can be configured to operate as a group, individually, and anything in between, giving you complete control over how your screens function
 Can integrate with most home automation systems, like Control 4 and Crestron

Hand Crank Operation

  No electrical wiring necessary
  Able to implement roll screens without a power source
 Perfect for remote locations, smaller installations, and public areas that have multiple users, like restaurants
 Easy to operate 
 Specially designed for easy and convenient manual operation

Housing Options

We boast some of the most compact housings in the industry.

Our solar and insect screen installations are unobtrusive, can fit where some other screen products don’t, and allow for easy stacking with compact rolling hurricane shutters.

We offer four standard colors and have dozens of custom colors available*.

Our four standard colors are displayed to the right

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 11.59.26 AM


Call 772-299-1955 or Fill Out This Quick Form To Send Us An Email


Call 772-299-1955 or Fill Out This Quick Form To Send Us An Email

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