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5 Signs Your Shutters Need to Be Repaired By Palm Coast Shutters

Shutters are more than protection for your home. They’re also ornamentation. The right style of shutter can transform the appearance of your house quickly, making it more attractive to the passer-by. 

How to Know It’s Time to Call Palm Coast Shutters for Repair Services

If the shutters that you bought long ago are starting to look their age, it’s time to do something about it. Being able to detect problems with the window protectors prevents them from deteriorating prematurely. It’s one of the ways you can actively protect your investment by ensuring it lasts as long as possible.

Here are five signs that your shutters need repair by Palm Coast Shutters:

  1. You can’t close them. They no longer do what you need them to do. When a hurricane shutter doesn’t close, it can’t protect your windows from damage. You need to be able to draw them shut at all times without extra effort.
  2. There are broken slats. Not only does it cause the shutters to look bad, but it also keeps them from providing you with a sense of privacy and security. New slats can be created rather quickly for your existing shutters.
  3. They’re discolored. The color has faded due to the elements. The shutters need a new paint job badly. Repainting the shutters helps them look brand new once again.
  4. They’re falling off their hinges. It’s a simple fix that can prevent the shutter from becoming damaged or hurting someone by falling onto them. It’s the fastest way to protect the shutters you spent good money buying. Making sure that none of the hardware securing the shutters is damaged is imperative because it could lead to them falling to the ground.
  5. Damage occurred in the past, and you have yet to repair the shutters. In a last-ditch effort to save yourself money, you decided not to buy new shutters. You felt like you could salvage the ones that you have by having them repaired. It’s a way to lower your costs and prevent repairable shutters from being sent to the landfill.

The shutters that you currently own are still very good. You don’t need to shell out additional funds to buy new window protectors. All you need is an excellent repair service that solves your problem and makes your home look and feel new once again. It’s worth your time to seek out such a service because it is one that will benefit you long into the future.

What Makes Palm Coast Shutters the Company to Contact With Your Needs?

Palm Coast Shutters does it all. In addition to manufacturing and installing shutters, we also paint and repair them. You can take good care of your investment by having us fix whatever is wrong with the Rolling Shutters or Accordion Shutters. We’ll make them look as good as new so that your home continues to be protected and serves as a source of pride for you.