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Retired Atlantic Hurricane Names

These strong storms made history and took their names with them in the process.

Have you ever wondered how hurricanes are named? What makes meteorologists use a name again? When does a name go into retirement? Does it need to be used several times before that happens? These are the questions that might be going through your head when you hear a hurricane name for the first time. Having a general understanding of the classification system of hurricanes as well as how they’re named helps distinguish one from another according to magnitude and accumulated damages.

Hurricane Names That Have Long Since Been Retired

Completely irrelevant in nature, we understand how confusing hurricane names can be when you think about it. That’s why we decided to help out and write about the subject so you can better understand it. We’ve compiled a list of retired Atlantic hurricane names as well as a few details about each storm such as when it occurred and how much damage it caused for reference purposes. That way, you’re able to see how catastrophic a hurricane can be.

Here’s what you need to know about our top choices for retirees:

  • Katrina. Among the most devastating storms to affect parts of the United States, Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005.  The states that saw damage and loss of life were Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Massive rescue attempts saved many lives but sadly, many people perished because they remained in their homes when told to evacuate.
  • Rita. The storm also took place in 2005. It damaged homes and businesses in Louisiana, Texas, and Florida.  It caused $18.5 billion in nominal damages.
  • Irene. The Bahamas, Mid-Atlantic, and the United States were affected by 2011. Over $14.2 billion in damages were caused by the Category 3 hurricane.
  • Sandy. This 2012 storm affected Jamaica, Cuba, Bahamas, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast United States. Sandy caused $68.7 billion in damages.

As you can see, the list is by no means long or complete. There are many storm names that have since been retired because of the massive amounts of damage that they did. The list above gives you a sample of what some of the more notable storms were named as well as when and where they wreaked the most havoc. Retired, the names that they were given cannot be used again.

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