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The 5 Most Destructive Hurricanes of All Time

Catastrophic doesn’t even begin to describe some of the most damaging storms on record. These destructive hurricanes cleave a path that stretches far and wide and leaves billions of dollars in damages to homes and businesses of all sizes. The amount of loss a natural disaster causes can take many years to clean up and people even lose their lives when they cross pathways with monster storms

Hurricanes That are Arguably the Worst That History Has Yet Seen

There are a few reasons that a storm would stand out the most in the people’s minds. They’re usually the ones that those people were there for or that wreaked the most havoc or received the most news coverage. No one forgets the videos or pictures of the daring rescues that occurred to save people’s lives as they were stuck in homes, buildings, and vehicles.

The five most destructive hurricanes of all time include:

  1. Katrina. Taking place in 2005 in the United States, this record-breaking hurricane is the costliest and most destructive to-date. Affecting the Southeast, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi, the storm had 110 mph winds and created $180 billion in damages. The death toll was 1,833 people.
  2. Harvey. Rocking Texas and Louisiana with 115 mph winds, this 2017 storm was among the worst in history because of the damage it did. Residents and businesses reported $125 billion in losses. The flooding went far and wide with many people needing to be rescued from their homes because they weren’t able to evacuate in time.
  3. Sandy. The 2012 storm struck the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast United States with its powerful 100 mph winds. Sandy created $70.20 billion in damages, causing individuals, families, and business owners to have to start all over again. The hurricane produced torrential rain and flooding which ruined homes and businesses.
  4. Irma. Among the highest winds imaginable at 155 mph, this hurricane hit Florida in 2017. It caused $50 billion in damages. Irma peeled roofs off of buildings like pieces of paper. It caused mass flooding and left many people homeless.
  5. Andrew. Affecting the Southeast part of the United States especially Florida and Louisiana, this hurricane produced 145 mph winds and caused devastation far and wide. Andrew took place in 1992 and was responsible for $47.79 billion in damages. It was among the worst storms of the time, destroying people’s homes and livelihoods in literally seconds.

The most damaging hurricanes of our lifetime have a lot to teach us about preparedness. You can never be too ready for a sizeable storm. With that being said, it’s more important now than ever to prepare your home for hurricanes.

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