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Style Spotlight: Rolling Shutters

Each week we’ve been highlighting a different shutter style and breaking it down so it is easy and straightforward to understand. We’ve provided picture galleries and videos showcasing the specific styles so you’re able to see what they look like on various homes.

We’ve covered Bahama Shutters, Colonial Shutters, and Pocket Accordion Shutters.

This week in our “Style Spotlight” series we’re diving into…

Rolling Shutters

What Are Rolling Shutters?

Rolling shutters offer code approved hurricane protection at the ease of a button or easy manual operation. They are a great option for second story openings and can double as blackout shades.

The shutters are installed above the window and roll up to store in an enclosed box when not in use. Rolling shutters are the easiest shutters to operate. Since they’re so easy to operate, many homeowners use them as additional protection from burglars when leaving town for any period of time.

In hurricane-prone areas, homeowners install rolling shutters to enclose their porches. They do this so they’re able to use their porch as a place to store their outdoor furniture, so they don’t have to drag it inside their home in the event of a hurricane.

Though rolling shutters are the easiest shutter style to operate, they are not the cheapest option, so that is something to keep in mind if cost is a big concern for you

Many shutter manufacturers offer rolling shutters with manual operation, usually using a specially designed manual crank, or automatic operation that allows you to deploy the shutters at the ease of a button. As you can imagine, the automatic rolling shutters will cost more than the manually operated rolling shutters.

What Openings Are Rolling Shutters Good For?

Ease of Use:

Rolling shutters are incredibly easy to use. Out of all the hurricane shutter styles, this one is the easiest to operate.

You can choose between manual or automatic operation. Automatic rolling shutters can be operated with an iPad, remote or switch. At the tap of a button, or flip of a switch you can deploy your rolling shutters. This makes them ideal for quick and reliable hurricane protection or added protection from intruders when you’re out of town. Their easy deployment even makes them a viable option for blackout shades!

If automatic rolling shutters are not what you’re looking for, there is also manual option that is still very easy to operate. Most manual rolling shutters are operated using a longer reach hand crank to reach the mechanism used to lower and raise the shutters.


Rolling shutters are more about function than beauty. You would install these for hurricane protection, to use as blackout shades, or for additional protection from intruders when you’re not there, but not for any decorative purposes.

Average Time To Deploy:

10-15 minutes (whole house) *shortest prep time*

Average Cost:

$30-55 per square foot

Rolling Shutters Photo Gallery:

Click on an image to view it larger. These images are of Rolling Shutters designed, manufactured and installed by Palm Coast Shutters & Aluminum Products. Learn more about Rolling Shutters from Palm Coast.

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