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Style Spotlight: Bahama Shutters

Exterior shutters are an important detail that can throw off the entire look of your home if not thoughtfully designed or properly installed.

With shutters playing such an important role in your home’s exterior aesthetics, and with so many styles to choose from, how do you choose the right one?

We hope our new “Style Spotlight” series will serve as a helpful guide providing you with everything need to choose the best shutter style for your home.

Each week we’ll highlight a different shutter style and break it down so it is easy and straightforward to understand. We’ll even include a lot of pictures so you can see the shutter style on various homes.

First up in the “Style Spotlight” series we have…

Bahama Shutters


What Are Bahama Shutters?

Bahama shutters (also referred to as Bermuda Shutters) have been used for centuries for protection from the intense heat of the sun. The Bahama shutters unique design not only adds a charming island appeal to your home but also proves to be incredibly effective in its function.

Bahama shutters can remain open at all times, left partially open, or closed completely.

When opened, Bahama shutters provide much-needed protection from the sun and can help reduce energy costs. They also provide additional privacy from neighbors.

When completely closed, they provide reliable protection from intrusion and severe weather.

No matter what position they’re in, they allow for light and ventilation and provide lasting curb appeal.

What Openings Are Bahama Shutters Good For?

Ease of Use:

Bahama shutters should be relatively easy to operate when manufactured properly. We manufacture our Bahama Shutters with adjustable aluminum arms specially designed for versatility and ease of use. This means anyone can easily adjust them as needed, with very little effort.


Bahama shutters can be purely decorative, but are also available as code approved hurricane protection. Be sure you specify whether you want decorative or hurricane bahama shutters so they’re properly manufactured to fit your needs.

Average Time To Deploy:

15-30 minutes (whole house)

Average Cost:

$25-35 per square foot

Bahama Shutters Gallery:

Click on an image to view it larger. These images are of Bahama Shutters designed, manufactured and installed by Palm Coast Shutters & Aluminum Products. Learn more about Bahama Shutters from Palm Coast.

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