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Palm Coast Shutters provides High Velocity Accordion Shutters that can be used for many types of applications. This product will secure and protect your openings, including your doors, in a matter of minutes. The shutters lock with a key or cam lock for your convenience.

Accordion Shutters are ideal for patios, windows, balconies or commercial buildings and glass doors. Half the shutter will move to the right and the other half left.

Convenience and Ease of Closing
This system opens and closes much like interior vertical blinds and stacks much the same way in the open position. They can be stacked equally or to one side, and are held in place with locking pins. When a hurricane threatens, all you have to do is close them as the accordion blades are designed to roll in the tracks and lock in the middle.

The ease of operation for accordion shutter makes it practical to close them for a weekend away securing your home or business from intruders. If you have a large or unusual coverage requirement, we, most likely, can accommodate your needs. Please call 1-772-299-1955. This program is intended to satisfy common opening sizes.

*Note: Provide the size of the opening you want protected. We will make whatever allowances are necessary to determine the size of the actual shutter.

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HV Bertha Accordion


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