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Retractable Canopy

The Canopy Reinvented

Why Is This Canopy Better?

Versatile, Customizable & Adaptable Modular Shade System That Can Be Added To Any Structure, In Any Size & In One Or Multiple Colors

Extraordinary Function, Beauty & Versatility That Custom Made Systems, Umbrellas & Other Outdoor Shade Solutions Can Never Match

  Easily Installed On Pergolas Or Between Two Opposing Structures

Only Shade System That Can Be Modified After Installation Allowing New & Unique Designs To Be Created Within Minutes For Any Style Or Need

Repairs If Needed Are Very Affordable And Can Be Easily Done On Site With Replacement Parts (No Need Ever To Send Anything Back)

Superior Product At A Fraction Of Custom Canopy’s Cost

Control Every Aspect of Your Canopy

Metallica Smoke Canopy


 Individual fabric panels can very quickly and easily be changed out with panels of different color and fabric to create an endless number of design possibilities to meet any mood or taste
Create a single or multi colored canopy
Create with uniform or varying width sections
Easily change within minutes to create new designs and patterns



Open it to enjoy the outdoors in full shade and retract it to enjoy open air and full view of the sky
Connect individual sections end to end to create wider canopy sections for continuous shade
Add vertical panels to either or both ends for additional shade and privacy
Easily open and close from either direction

retractable canopy at night


Cover any space (indoors or outdoors) regardless of how wide or long without costly custom fabrication
 Install indoors to cover unfinished ceilings, rafters and air ducts
Add or remove panels to increase or decrease the length and width of your canopy
Remove & reinstall for cleaning, repairs or winterization in minutes


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