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5 Hurricane Preparedness Tips for You to Do Today

Being prepared saves you time, money, and heartache stemming from destruction and loss.

If you live in Florida, you know not to take hurricane preparedness lightly. Volatile weather threatens your safety and that of your home on a regular basis. Having a plan in place that allows you and your family to evacuate quickly and with little notice is ideal. It allows you to avoid the utter devastation felt by people who didn’t take hurricane season seriously.

This short guide helps you, as a new homeowner, prepare for your first experience dealing with tropical storms. If you’ve previously lived in part of the country void of torrential rainfall and high-powered winds, you may not be aware of how important it is to be ready to evacuate at any time. When the governor of the state declares a national emergency, you may only have minutes to get in your vehicle and leave your residence in search of shelter.

How to Be as Prepared as Possible for a Bad Tropical Storm

A severe hurricane isn’t something to be taken lightly. By preparing during a time where no threat of a tropical storm exists, you’re able to think more clearly and make better choices concerning your home, belongings, family, and pets. You aren’t rushing out the door without the things you need most because you have them backed in a bag hanging by the front door ready to go.

Here are five hurricane preparedness tips for you to do today:

  1. Pack a bag of essentials for every family member and one for your pets. Make sure that everyone has clothing, medication, food, and water. Keep a few comfort items in the bags of small children and pets to make evacuation easier.
  2. Store a hard copy of all your important documents on a flash drive. It’s very difficult to account for the paperwork you stored throughout the year. Digital copies can be printed out and presented in the event the originals are destroyed by a tropical storm.
  3. Upgrade your first aid kit. Remove all items with questionable expiration dates. Replace them with newer products or ones that you know you’ll eventually use.
  4. Have a family evacuation plan in place. Make sure that everyone knows the plan even when they’re away from home. Have a central meeting place for the entire family to go to if they’re separated at any time.
  5. Learn CPR. The medical procedure could literally save another person’s life. Get CPR certified through the American Red Cross or a similar agency.

This is just a few of the things you can do in advance to become more prepared for hurricane season. Investing in storm shutters for your windows helps protect your home and its contents from considerable damage. The glass is less likely to shatter when you’ve invested in good hurricane shutters to protect it.

Let Palm Coast Shutters Be Part of Your Hurricane Preparedness Plans

Prepare for hurricane season with greater ease by following the tips listed above right away. The sooner you take charge of the situation, the safer and more secure you feel. Rest easily at night knowing that you’ve done everything you can to protect your home, its contents, and your family from harm. Palm Coast Shutters provides you with the products and services needed to shield your windows during torrential downpours and high-speed gusts of wind.