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Pocket Accordion Shutters


  • Code approved hurricane protection
  • Pocket accordion shutters combine the beauty of colonial shutters with the ease and convenience of accordion shutters
  • Stacks are hidden behind colonial shutters to give the appearance of colonials but the ease of accordions when they need to be deployed
  • Easy close shutter system provides effortless opening and closing (“fingertip operation”)
  • Excellent for sliding glass doors, patios, windows and balconies
  • Custom manufactured for exact fit
  • Locks from inside or outside (key-locks available)
  • Minimal storage space required
  • Heavy duty all aluminum construction
  • Hundreds of colors to choose from for the colonials
  • 4 standard colors for accordions white, ivory, beige, or bronze
  • All accordion styles are impact resistant
  • All shutter hardware included

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Accordion shutters are a popular choice for hurricane protection because they are effective and incredibly easy to use. The problem with standard accordion shutters is their appearance...

When closed, standard accordion shutters are stacked to one side and held in place with locking pins. The stacks are noticeable on the exterior of the home, which is a deterrent for a lot of home owners.

Though the ease and convenience of accordion shutters is nice, some home owners do not want to sacrifice the exterior aesthetics of their home, which we completely understand.

That's why we've developed the Pocket Style Accordion. 

Our pocket style accordions hide the stacks behind beautifully designed colonial shutters, giving you the best of both worlds!

You get the look of gorgeous colonials, while enjoying the ease and convenience of accordions.

When you need to deploy the accordion shutters, simply unlock the pin and gently guide the accordion shutter to the opposite side of the opening, and lock it in place.

You'll experience effortless opening and closing due to our specially designed "fingertip operation".

The ease of operation for these shutters makes it practical to close them for a weekend away securing your home or business from intruders.

Our pocket style accordion shutters are code approved, impact resistant and constructed of heavy duty aluminum.

Enhance the look of your home and make sure it is properly protected with Pocket Style Accordion Shutters from Palm Coast. 

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  1. Measure opening width "inside opening”.
  2. Measure opening height "inside opening”.
  3. Add 8” to the height for proper fit.
  4. Download the Accordion Stacking chart to determine shutter width.
  5. Place shutter finished size measurements for width and height on order -OR- you may provide your opening dimensions and we will determine your finished shutter size.
  6. See stacking chart to ensure you have enough room on both sides of your opening.
  7. Measure Doors from floor up to top of opening. Note any projections of sill, door knobs or keystones that project outwards.
  8. You must have 4" above and below window openings for proper fit.
  9. You must have 4" above Door for proper fit.

(Always measure width by height).



How to get shutter size.
Measure your outside opening width by height.
W x H = 53" x 51"



How to get shutter size & square footage.
Measure your outside opening width by height.
W x H = 109" x 83"

Note: When the opening has stucco bands around them you must take that into consideration when determining the square footage being sold. You may need to add to the shutter size to go beyond the bands.


One-Man Crew

This installation procedure is recommended when you have a one-man crew. Some smaller openings may be installed using the installation procedure that is recommended when you have a two-man crew.


Two-Man Crew

This installation procedure is recommended when you have a two-man crew. Some larger openings may require three men when using this method, or use the installation procedure that is recommended when you have a one-man crew.


Thank you for considering Palm Coast Shutters for your Hurricane Protection needs.
If you have any questions or comments, please send us a message or call us at 772-299-1955.